Open doors in Bigattera Mantova!

🍀Nella settimana dell’#EUVocationalSkills raccontiamo i nostri risultati e partecipiamo alle iniziative insieme ai nostri partner da Saragozza @IES Ramóny Cajal (lead applicant), dalla Romania Colegiul Tehnic „Elisa Zamfirescu” e da Zagabria Srednja škola

🍁#EUVocationalSkills we want to tell about our story of commitment and opportunity. The report is here, on our website, starting today 😊

For.Ma is partner of the project KA2 called Breaking barriers with the insertion of young people with special needs in the labor market of the XXI century

Social Agriculture as a method for job placement and professional training

The Bigattera Centre, born in 1986 and now part of Formazione Mantova FOR.MA has reached the goal of 10 students hired after the job placement projects activated in collaboration with the staff of the centre.

Bigattera is the perfect place:

– for whom who has no ideas about the future working world after graduation

– for students with disabilities and their families who don’t know what to do after the middle school to fulfill compulsory schooling.

From the professional kitchen lab to the hot or cold greenhouse, from the open field place to the computer science lab or the standard with interactive white board: everything is organized to open the dialogue with students and teachers.

The method of social agriculture is even more: it follows the slow rhythms of the earth and the seasons. For this reason, at Bigattera, we implement #educational principles and #learning objectives that aim at the well-being of the individual in all his life experiences. The method is the basis of the personalized path for disabled students, both those who are leaving the eighth grade and those who are looking for employment opportunities. Soft skills and active teaching methods are the basis of their autonomy project in life and work and are pursued from the beginning to the end of the staying at Bigattera centre.

At Bigattera during the last year there have been many activities aimed at connecting students with disabilities to the world of work:

professional training internships for qualification or diploma, as part of the path for students after middle school, from the second to the fourth year

alternation school-work

Welfare project for integration (post-diploma for the world of work)

Network Action project for work

From these planned initiatives with Mantua companies and the close synergy of Bigattera students-staff and families, 10 out of 17 students obtained a proposal as a result of the project in 2019

In order to continue to make training and services at work as a strong point, in the European week of vocational training we want to tell about our story of commitment and opportunity.


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